Scope of delivery of "Future I-160" metal detector and 3d ground scanner

Future I-160, Scope of Delivery

The following table lists all the equipment and parts which belongs to the scope of delivery of the Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner.

1x Control Unit
The control unit is the main controller of Future I-160 which controls all of the operation modes of the metal detector.
2x Control Chip
The control chip is the "key" to the control unit. Without this "key", none of the functionality is availability.
1x Horizontal Scan Antenna
The 50 cm long horizontal scan antenna is used to map the underground as a graphical scan image for a detailed 3d data analysis. This antenna is also used to operate the Future I-160 in Live-Scan mode.
1x Vertical Scan Antenna / Ultrasound Probe
The 1 meter long vertical scan antenna is used to pin-point the buried objects under the ground.
1x Bluetooth Dongle
The BlueTooth dongle is used to transfer the measured scan data wirelessly to any computer or laptop PC using Windows.
1x Headphones
You may use the headphones in noisy environments to better hear the sounds of the control unit to coordinate your steps during scanning.
2x Power Pack with Charger and Travel Adapter
The Power Pack allows an operating time up to 24 hours. It is easily and quickly recharged, with the travel adapter you may use it in every country of the world.
1x Telescopic Rod Assembly
The telescopic rod assembly attaches the horizontal scan antenna to conduct scans over the ground.
1x Visualizer 3D Software
The Visualizer 3D software is used to analyze the scanned image data from the control unit. This enable the user to find out more about the underground object like position, size and depth.
1x Pre-configured Netbook
The Future I-160 metal detector includes a fully configured netbook with pre-installed Visualizer 3D software, ready to go.
1x User Manual
The user manual describes the usage, handling, operation and analysis of the Future I-160 ground scanner in all details.
1x Waterproof and Shock Resistant Peli Case
The Future I-160 metal detector is safely shipped in a Peli Case.