Scan Images of "Future I-160" metal detector and 3d ground scanner

On this page you will find some scan examples of Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner.

Future I-160 detects cavities and metal objects
This scan image conducted by Future I-160 metal detector shows two clear objects. On the left side of the 3d ground scan image there is a cavity displayed in blue colors. The red object next to the cavity is a solid metal object.

Future I-160 detects metal treasure targets
Future I-160 metal detector is capable to detect buried metal objects like boxes or chest as shown in the 3d scan image to the left. It seems that there are two different metal items in the underground indicated by the red colors.

Future I-160 is used to detect crashed fighter planes
The Future I-160 metal detector has been used to detect a lost fighter plane under the streets of London in the United Kingdom. The red colors are indicating the lost fighter plane. Due to the Visualizer 3D software the dimensions and the depth of the buried objects could be estimated before digging.

Future I-160 detects hidden tunnels and cavities
Future I-160 is not only able to detect metallic objects it could also be used to find hidden tunnels, caves and galleries as shown in the 3d scan image. This scan was conducted in mountain area to find underground mining galleries from the past.