Metal detector finds with "Future I-160" ground scanner

Here are just a few finds made with the Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner.

World War I Bunker Found

World War I Bunker Found Geophysical investigations with the Future I-160 metal detector and the eXp 4000 over an unimproved field in Belgium unearthed an astonishing discovery. Hidden for over 90 years, deep under the surface of the Belgium ground a World War I bunker system was found and explored by british scientists. This is the start of an exciting time travel back into the time of World War I ...

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Gemstones, Semi-Precious Stones and Jewelry detected and found in Florida, USA

Gems Treasure from Florida, USA In 2008 an amazing discovery was made in the United States by detecting with the Future I-160. A group of treasure hunters detected a buried brass canon, the canon was filled with jewelry, semi-precious stones and gemstones. Next to it, a beautiful jade dragon was also detected.

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Future I-160 locates World War II Armament

Aircraft Armament A simple field in Great Britain unearthed various different types of WW II armament like ammunition, bombs, pottery, the remains of a fighter plane and even old documents were found with the geophysical detector Future I-160. Under comprehensive supervision of historians and archaeologist the valuable findings were excavated and documented. One of the most valuable and interesting items was a well preserved plate of China from AJ Wilkinson LTD.

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Future I-160 locates Fighter Plane remains near Buckingham Palace

Fighter plane from London, UK London, England. Almost on the threshold of Buckingham Palace, an incredible find was made with the Future I-160! With presence of pilot Sgt. Ray Holmes scientist Malcolm Weale, managing director of Geofizz LTD., discovered the engine of a British Hurricane fighter plane that crashed during the Second World War. Channel Five programme reported live that Malcolm's geophysical measuring instrument was so accurate that the hole dug for the crashed plane was not even one foot off.

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Future I-160 detects Gold Deposit

Golden Stone Treasure hunters detected this rock that is infused with gold with the metal detector Future I-160. With the high resolution of the Future I-160 gold, veins and deposits like in this stone with gold can be discovered.