Features of "Future I-160" metal detector and 3d ground scanners

The Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner is a strong, reliable and accurate 3d ground scanner for conducting underground explorations and the mapping of hidden structures like pipelines, utilities and other anomalies.

Metal Detector Future I-160


The Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner is equipped with a multi-dimensional sensor array which utilizes 16 Elliptical Area Multipoint Sensors (EAMS) with a resolution of 0,015 uT at a sampling rate of 50 Hz. This very unique multi-sensor array is able to reflect and receive scanned ground data signals and transmit them to be viewed in a graphical 3d representation within the Visualizer 3D software.

Wireless Data Transfer via BlueTooth

Data is transferred via BlueTooth from the metal detectors main unit to the laptop PC. The Visualizer 3D software receives the data and displays it as either a two or three dimensional object. Using Class-1 BlueTooth technology, maximum distances of up to 100 meters are possible. This well proven BlueTooth technology allows for reliable and error-free high performance data transmission.

3D Data Analysis

The Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner uses the Visualizer 3D software. The software is able to create a three-dimensional graphic of the scanned underground. The data can be sent directly to a connected computer while scanning so that an operator can quickly conduct an on site analysis and evaluation.

Live-Scan Mode

Using the Live-Scan function the Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner becomes a super detector. It now transforms to a visual detector allowing the operator to view in Real-Time what is directly under the multi-sensor antenna. For the professional locator this is the tool that is used most often for locating buried targets and sub-surface anomalies. Especially on construction sites, the Live-Scan, via the Visualizer 3D software gives the operator a quick and clear image of utilities so that heavy equipment operators can be informed of where a utility is so that they do not hit it when excavating.

Ultra Sound

This function of the Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner allows the operator to see an estimated side scan of the buried object. This is especially useful to know how thick the item is during excavation. This is also a Real-Time image. The Visualizer 3D software compiles the data and displays it in an easy to understand display.

Tested and Certified Equipment

All OKM metal detectors and 3d ground scanners are tested and certified by independent technical experts from Germany. Also each Future I-160 metal detector and 3d ground scanner undergoes extensive field tests and outdoor operations to ensure that every unit meets our strict manufacturing quality requirements.